May Day

by Mike Jewett

Falling pink petals
Plinking my head
A saxophone serenade

Kind of kind of blue
A solitary birch among many hundreds
Of deciduous trees, its paper

Bark scored with age
White among shadows
And the endless breeze takes me up

Into Tiffany-blue sky
Pollen clumps litter the edges of lawn
Calliope streaming from a mared and seahorsed

Carousel dances in my head
Disobedient canine in exodus
Defiant against the silhouette

Of a circled dog
Line diagonally cutting across
Wah wah wah as the ducks in the pond

Are chased away.
Endless verdant day criss-crossed with
Walking paths and robin’s-egg sky punctuated

With drifting cotton shapes.
Brazen squirrels accustomed to the pleasant
Bustle and hustle

Bat City, unopened, in my lap
Mothers feeding children
Hungry mouths to breast.

Seeking out a lemonade stand
Near Winter Street in spring
A yellow burst of sour notes sing

On my palette
A bargain at a fiver on a day as this
Soundtrack peppered by buskers and

An organ grinder turning the crank on his street organ and
Birds and
The woo of occasional sirens.

A mother wheeling her child along
In a stroller
Mohawked, tattooed, pierced lip and

She smiles on by.
Ivied brownstones and balconies railed
With wrought iron

End our stay
On this idyllic day
In month of May.

14 thoughts on “May Day

  1. nice…i like the mom with the pierced lips…and of cause the saxophone…Tiffany-blue sky is a very cool description as well…ah…may is a beautiful month…

  2. felt as if i was sitting right there and looking around…taking it all in…love the details you chose…would not mind hearing a bit of sax right now either…smiles….very cool capture…

  3. First time here, and I was SO THERE, loved the nod to Miles, “kind of” because it’s a sax solo, not a trumpet? This was a dizzying array of gorgeous color and sound I could actually hear, the calliope… Wonderful writing. Amy Barlow Liberatore

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