The Curious Case of a 23 Year Old Child

by Eva Xanthopoulos

I desire to know
what makes you walk
with that stride that tells
the entire cosmos you’re swollen
with the joy that possesses
a child the moment he sees
a firefly for the first time
land on his little left hand
When I made this curiosity known
to you, you merely gave
me a tiny lantern and pointed
to the core of me
“Go there and search for–
not the you you see
in reflective glass
but the youthful
you that never grows
a day older.”


I traveled
within myself for years until I found
my inner child playing hopscotch.
I joined her only to find that
she was still me:
Teenager, Adult, Elder
meant nothing in the main
scheme of things
It’s what you do with those
wings that were granted
to you since infancy.


2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of a 23 Year Old Child

  1. Eve, this was great advice. I’m in touch with that kid, the one who thought a bunch of Indian Paintbrush in a bouquet was the most exquisite present to give my mom… who watched butterflies, rather than chasing them with a net. Innocence is the key. Also, learn a new thing every day and your childhood stasis will remain, to your benefit.

    Thanks for coming over, folks at Boston Poetry, to comment at my blog! Amy

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