On the nature of cravings (or feening) after years and years of thank you for your patience

by Joseph D. Reich


All of the world and modern civilization began
from the deep dark empty hollow hole of the fish’s
jaw who after a couple billion years decided to sprout
claws and in that one moment instinctively cognitively
crawl onto shore for reasons still not known (survival?
adaptation? simply bored and needing to hit the road?)
and explore somewhere between the coral and jungle


All of history in my opinion began and ended on tattoo beach
in coney island where all those needles and profolactus
and carnations washed up to the mad shores with
all the brothers and guidos from bensonhurst and
sheepshead and some enterprising puerto rican
with his shirt off and sunglasses on like some
dazed and damaged half-crazed barker
strolling disoriented in sync in-between
the hypnotic rhythms of the crashing
ocean hollering soulful spiels and mantras
like–“fudgie! fudgie! bud-wiz-a! fudgie! fudgie!
bud-wiz-a!” and you decide to go with the latter
and suck it down and try to hold onto your buzz
as long as you can in the moment and forget
it all under the insane beating brooklyn sun


He lifts a conch shell to his ear in utter awe
mouth agape just like that fish from so long ago
and like some ancient tape recorder hears the history
of the world–“mo! mo! mo! how do you like it? how do you like it?”


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