Poetic Insecurities

by Ei Ei Thei

I thought I could be a writer

of chapters and pages

but I realised

I may not even be a poet

of any worth so I’m

wasting my life away

for a few lines with glittery surfaces

when deep down

I am just as dull and dark

as the black pen between my fingers.


3 thoughts on “Poetic Insecurities

  1. Ei, I know you’re 20 something but there is a great deal of ‘teen angst’ that runs through your work. My image of you? You’re young, extremely bright and wonderfully creative. And being very pretty as well can’t hurt. But begin to show growth in your work. Self-pity is great and has it’s place, but use it sparingly and to reflect contrast in the ‘old you’ and a ‘new you’.
    We all grow up and old, like it or not…so embrace the changing of the seasons like you embraced the change from girlhood to young womanhood.
    I send this with love, even if this ‘love’ is only through the written word.

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