Tattoos & Cigarettes

by Mike Jewett

I remember when you were all
Tattoos & cigarettes
For me-

Cherries and swallows inked on your skin
You knew how tattoos got me going
Especially on you.

How you used to light a Camel
With a devilish grin
And blow your smoke right at me

Maybe a few smoky kisses,
Sexy in your scally cap
While you’d snap inhale

Huge white balls of smoke
Popping out of your mouth,
Right back in,

God how I loved that,
And you knew how your smoking got me going-
Your smoking was always the sexiest.

In our little barn
You’d show off your new tattoos
Smiling like the sun.

So what happened to
The tattoos & cigarettes
We used to share?


3 thoughts on “Tattoos & Cigarettes

  1. ha. you caught me just as i was signing off for the night…
    quick question…if there a way to find your pieces on here, easily
    other than scrolling?

    as to the poem, love the opening gambit, it particular because the ‘For me-‘
    the thought of them being tats&smokes for you…both a bit permanent in their own way
    sets us up for it not being so in the end…i rather like the sexiness you give smoking, but most of all the playfulness of finding tats in the barn. ha. now thats a fun treasure hunt.

  2. smiles… i always found camel way more sexy than marlboro..just saying…brought back a few memories…i used to smoke madly as a teen (self-rolled cigarettes though) – nice atmospheric snapshot and the question in the close.. yeah..time changes…

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