Loneliness is a junkie

by Talicha J.

Loneliness is a junkie eager to have you join in taking hits off desperation,
alters the mind and has you doing things you may not have ever considered had it not been in your system.


It’s a nasty habit, hard to kick because it becomes addicted to you,
fiends for your company at all times,
so it tries hard to never let you down from its high.


You can find loneliness on the dance floor at two a.m. in a crowded club in the friction strangers produce, relishing touches shared
with lonely whispering in their ears that if they have sex tonight
he won’t be as adamant about having their company…




It creeps between the sheets of long time lovers; unable to express what they need
and now they sleep on opposite sides of the bed
barely touching because lonely needed a quick fix.


You will find loneliness helping you dial the number of an ex
and no, you’re not even in love with them anymore but you remember the time you were,
how you didn’t have the itch of withdrawal constantly on your skin.


One day, you aren’t enough to satisfy loneliness anymore,
so he starts to mix it up,
adding a little depression and low self-esteem until you both are so strung out you can’t think straight anymore.


Shot glasses become secret keepers,
Bar stools; safe havens and
Porcelain bowls; journals of regrets.


Vodka is no half-way house to happy but loneliness sure makes it seem that way,
makes it seem like every hand but yours is being held.
Don’t fall for it’s cunning ways!
For loneliness is just a junkie, will do anything to keep the habit fed,
even fill you with lies of self-loathing and pity.


Hide your precious possessions,
for loneliness will pawn your pride in an instant,
no guilt in its consequences.


Has some people so desperate during happy holiday season
they’re writing Christmas wish lists on their wrists.
Makes some as bitter as the pills they swallow in attempt to quiet the incessant chatter of lonely.


It’s always rubbing and poking opened wounds,
driving you to achieve sedation.
Whore of attention, it will get off at its mention-


                  “I was just so lonely, I didn’t know what to do anymore”


…It seeks credit in suicide notes.


Has friends and family wondering ‘how did it get to this?’
Don’t let it get to this!
When it begs you to take hits off desperation
don’t you dare!


Instead, swallow that urge to recklessly purge your well-being,
for you are worth more than what lonely believes
and stronger than it needs you to be.

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