Naked and Chewing

by Jessica L. Walsh

What we needed my friend
was the art of distraction

We wore the trail
grey and cold because
a fixture is nothing to note

I think now evasive was the way
to go Serpentine

As it is someone tipped the writers

They lurk like clocks
I said nothing I know my mouth

Yours too I thought but here
the uncoiling is upon us
Territory over appetite

understand I can account only
for the end of what you started

Morning and noon

are barricaded fuel soaked ready set on fire
Your skin is giving you up

I am afraid I am
the only exit

You turn ready
to cough up my name
and I am all canines through your lips
I take the years in my teeth
and give nothing back I
promise nothing

For all that you are safe
in the code I keep at the back of my
iron throat

The quiet is coming
and it will sound much like


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