On the Arrival of Blue Roses

by Jessica L. Walsh

                              –for Tennessee Williams

Cern’s disobedient light came after roses
as though physics’ marble laws
in terror turned liquid

matter gaining speed
breathless nearly dying
to make up the dim undeniable blue

This is the fact of the impossible
Nothing you could imagine
can never happen

There can be no such creature
the chemist cried out
after proving such creature must be

We are always on the hook
the line the sinker     We are caught
only to be thrown back

Think of that first dinosaur unearthed
the bones dated the Victorians watching as
their other worlds burned

the flood the giants the gospel
usurped by a thigh bone
pulled from the quarry

God and roses are relatively untrue
Thus I must prepare for the day
when I wake up alone

am drunk before breakfast
writing poems to you like a teenager reading
your poems like a teenager

who sees herself in every line
where beauty can be circled
underlined and proven

Tom I will cry my Tom
let’s undo the blue roses   Pass
the bottle with the day


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