Stardust Orbit

by Arnab Majumdar

Somewhere, a paper plane crashed for the last time, into fresh snow.

A little kid left lonely footsteps behind as she ran in and out to retrieve that fallen paper

Only to forget her childhood mid-step, and rush away to grow up.


Somewhere, a snow-fort lay forgotten, shivering in the cold without the warmth of
innocent imagination

While the General that built it now hammered real walls to bomb the cities within.

Somewhere, the snow-fort was soaked up by a dying sun.


Somewhere, the earth tilted and shifted and the days became longer and brighter

The boys stopped skating on the frozen lake, flying over the schools of fish still hovering
beneath the ice

To swim in the summertime lake, and win temporary prizes.

Somewhere, the prizes from that summer day lay hidden and forgotten, in the depths of
a college cupboard.


Somewhere, lavish dinners and free hugs were handed out when Grandma came over
to visit

She stayed with them for a fortnight, and told them stories that whisked them away

And soon, she was whisked back from them as well.

Somewhere, an old man with a whiskey in his hand remembers a half-forgotten story
about a snowman with a cigar

But he just can’t remember where he heard it before, his eyes brimming with bitter tears

that he doesn’t recognize.


Somewhere, a girl looks through a telescope to look at Dingo the Dog wagging his tail
from heaven

He spots her from above, and smiles at her, and chases his tail the way he did to make
her laugh

She spots a comet and looks away, and into the billions of galaxies telling trillions of

While Dingo still chases his tail, hoping that she would turn to him once again.

Somewhere, she studies the stars of Canis Major today, while a faded photo of Dingo
hangs from her telescope aimed at heaven.


While beneath their feet, a boat carrying forgotten stories slowly sinks away into an icy,
bottomless lake.

This poem was one of the winners of the dVerse Poets Pub second anniversary contest.

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