White House

by James W. Spain, II

The house for the people,
Was constructed by a nation no longer alone,

With George Washington selecting the site,
A country now ready to lay that first cornerstone.

America the melting pot of nations she was,
Selected a man from Ireland to design the White House to be,

A tribute to America,
Created by an immigrant you see.

The design created by James Hoban,
Was very impressive indeed,

Having competed against many,
For the honor to proceed.

With eight long years ahead,
The construction was started with much celebration in the street,

John Adams and his family,
Moved into the White House not quite complete.

With the War of 1812 a tragic event did occur,
The house for the people was set ablaze so sadly,

Our Irish friend did appear once again,
And James Hoban set up shop to remedy this gladly.

The year 1817 saw President James Monroe return to the house,
With the South Portico added under his term.

And Andrew Jackson adding the North Portico,
Just five years later and just as firm.

As the nation developed and a civil war,
Had come to an end,

Much discussion continued,
About renovating our house, our friend.

President Theodore Roosevelt,
Was certainly up to the task at hand,

And in 1902 completed this job,
While under his command.

William Taft added much to the White House,
With his intervention in history so soon,

We were blessed with,
The historic Oval Office Room.

As so much history is made in our beloved house,
The years had taken some shine away,

When President Harry S. Truman decided,
I want to renovate again someday.

So he completed a major renovation,
That is just what he did too,

Moving back into the White House,
In the year 1952.

Many Presidents have come,
Since this site was selected by George Washington,

And a nation was born,
With the laying of the first cornerstone….

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