For Freud: one of those confusing profound stages

by Joseph D. Reich

sometimes wonder when
and at whentime girls started
seducing guys and remember
way back when way back
in time somewhere around
the second third grade
in elementary these girls
during recesstime just started
stripping off all their dresses
like some weird&damaged
solstice for the start of
the season completely
bucknaked behind
the hedges which
were hugging
the brickwall
of the schoolyard
and all the boys
gathered around
like a pack of pavlovdogs
and myself in the background
by this suddendisplay of overtaffection
somehow feeling a certain sense of confusion
even mildly violated by this sexualperformance
(act of aggression of seduction&dominance
or willingness to be dominated)
from beginningtoend
their underdeveloped
barenaked bodies
becoming some
of objectpermanence
for arousal and how quickly
lifecrept in not understanding why
and wondering how that performance
may have affected&shaped my life
somewhere down the line andnow
somewhere down the line during
mymidlife on the morning of my
birthday i think back to all my
past girlfriends all that pussy
and all those positions and
think strangely enough but
not strange at all clearly
being some of the most
period&times of my life


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