A Cause More Important Than Recycling

by Joseph D. Reich

You know i just want to turn on my t.v.
and instead of trying to retrieve my local
news and sports and weather from the very
cute and clever newsmen and weatherwomen
with their corny small talk and sense of humor
i want to find out that that posse of the planet
of the apes has risen and taken over once again
with that refrain of very suspenseful spine-tingling
theme music playing in the background
along with the collective roar of that
cacophonous chorus of guerilla
groans bum-rushing the status-quo
on haunches and all fours causing
chaos and a major uproar to the whole
downtown area (the tourist and historical
district) and the capital and government
buildings and would like to find a way
of possibly joining as when i sincerely
think about it that’s something i can
definitely relate to and a damn fine
worthwhile cause i can believe in far
more than anything else out there…


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