by Joseph D. Reich

I wanna just once see one of those big white trash families
waddling into a chinese buffet and one of those little obnoxious brats
scuttling up pasting his face up against the gigantic fish tank
banging on it points to the one he wants then all of a sudden
a big claw just comes up out of nowhere lifts him up by the jaw
and starts kicking the crap out of him pummeling him with his
claw dunking him up and down shaking him side to side while
the whole white trash family just stands there finally petrified
and in awe and the other white trash the white trash boyfriend
and girlfriend white trash grandparents white trash motorcycle
club simply walk back and forth to the trough doing their rounds
oblivious in their own worlds blindly blissfully ignorantly surveying
the buffet piling their plates up with grub and stuffing their pie holes

Really a shame these days don’t have those warm steaming
towels to throw over your face (to redeem oneself) anymore.


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