by Joseph D. Reich

i want to meet my wife
and wonder what those
first dates will be like?
are you only allowed
to talk about all things
christian? do you only
have christian friends
who likewise only like
to mingle with christ?
do you look into each
other’s eyes and tell
each other how you
just want to raise your
kids christian and fall
head over heels for each
other and do that little cute
twirly-whirly safe disco dance
and only move to all christian
cul-de-sacs? and right when
we’re walking down the aisle
with all our christian friends
and family adoringly staring
straight at us i’ll break the news
to her and whisper in her ear–
“i’m jewish will that be alright?”
probably be like the closing scene
to “the graduate” where they’re all
running away from those old farts
in the cathedral and they put
the crucifix in the lock just
to get away from them
but this time might be
without a bride…


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