falling in love with one’s eye doctor from jackson, mississippi

by Joseph D. Reich

with all that beauty & charm & slow southern drawl
& demure like a dove exactly what the female should
be like out in the high mountains of montpelier, vermont
and told me to just relax and rest my chin up and try
to stare straight ahead at the knob and when i said i
just cannot focus and could not she said if you want
you can just look at my ear and had no problem with
that and looked at that cute little lobe with a pearl in
it and felt like i could just sit in that dark room all day
with my chin just suspended there in mid-air looking
at that ear. i think she thought i was an odd one and
knew i had slightly fallen in love with her and stood
there on the side the whole time while i was doing
the paperwork with the secretaries with a subtle
and sly smile and told me it was nice to have
met me. i don’t know what it is about these
girls from the deep south maybe just seem
slower or more self-soothing or refined
or just all female whatever it is i refused
to put on those 3d shades after perhaps
just trying to be stoic in telling all of them
that it would be silly and they told me they
thought i was a little crazy and how i’d suffer
as if trying to impress them and told them
no worries and stumbled through the mad
bright sun of montpelier, vermont with my
eyes averted with my wife and finished up
the morning errands going to rite-aid to pick
up halloween decorations and bananas at shaws


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