Psychological Hx

by Joseph D. Reich

wow it takes you practically
and in many ways impractically
a whole lifetime after being criminalized
of realizing who the real hardened criminals
in your family truly (falsely) are and it’s sick
and vulgar and you literally have to divorce and
separate yourself (for purposes of self-preservation
and sanity) to avoid not in an ocd way spiritual
contamination and can take almost until your
late-thirties early-forties to realize how fucked
up and abusive they truly are and the subtle
and not so subtle brainwash (perhaps the exact
definition of passive-aggressive as well as hostile and
nauseating defense-mechanism of reaction-formation)
there are some recent palestinian rappers these
days who have touched on this subject pretty well
i think chuck d from public enemy was in many
ways the original forefather so of course obviously martin
and malcolm and jimmy baldwin bob dylan was prophetic
and so too was eminem and jim morrison (there
was kafka and dostoevsky and camus and jean-
paul sartre jean genet and tupac who truly
suffered and went on to live lives of true-
blue martyrs who got bailed out of jail
became great saints and gangsters)


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