by Joseph D. Reich

he works as a bellman/doorman
at the very posh e. resort & spa
up in the high mountains of vermont
and dreams every time after his shift
at dusk he just picks her up as they
like to hitch (a common mode of transport
out here) and are beautiful and natural and
down to earth and trust and every time he
picks her up dreams it’s the first time ever
and a new experience and has never met
her and she never tells him her name and
what she does and just drives down that
long winding country road to her home
and for the lift exchange for each other
sexual favors and finds he even prefers
to give her pleasure (go down in that
warm wet pussy of hers as she closes
her eyes and lifts her head up in pure
ecstasy against the vinyl seats) they
repeat this ritual day in and day out
weeks months even years. when
he gets home kisses his wife
and asks how her day was


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