Scattered Rain

by Joseph D. Reich

“what’ya gonna do?”   -anonymous

This morning out of nowhere
an owl just somehow suddenly
showed up to my front door after
having seemed to have spent a whole
lifetime through a life of storms having
tore off its wings ripped out his eyeballs
saying it was just so goddamn sick of
the world sick of living and humanity
and everything to be expected of him
sick of being so wise and humble
and self-effacing and having to lead
this god awful ungrateful lot of human
beings sick of being the butt of jokes
of punchlines and of being the moral
to all fables and simply sought shelter.
i too myself had given up just recently
quite a while ago almost like nietzsche
and his concept and belief and non-belief
or faith and non-faith in god playing hide
and go seek for no rhyme or reason
kafka being kafkaesque without even
knowing or even caring to know with
his string of bad luck and horror stories
and not believing in a thing for good reason
and simply found me fucking my t.v. more
specifically the weather channel not sure
what season it was anymore and if any
of that really mattered the start of summer
or start of fall and that nonstop chattering
weather girl always with that great big smile
and body to die for and awful taste in technicolor
clothing giving warnings about a soggy hong kong
the floods in colorado the high pressure coming
in from the kanadas and fog in chicago and that
time of year where the twisters and hurricanes
seem to just show up out of nowhere shuffling
and strutting and pimpwalking through the pan
handle of florida. when he saw he wasn’t gonna
get a whole hell of a lot out of me and i was in
just as bad shape as him he lowered his head and hit
the road without those wings without those eyeballs
like some down in the dump lounge singer down on
his luck having lost all his passion and interest for
mankind like knowing there was no money to be
made out here myself knowing as well and had
a couple bucks in my back pocket eavesdropping
and hearing some insane advice from that weather
girl something like “rain is rain pouring is pouring”
and decided to visit and finish off all those states
i had never been to like the dakotas and nebraska
and texas radio and the big beat and now find
myself deep in the deep shallow south of my
being lost somewhere brooding in the bible
belt to try and find and make something of
myself nipping from pints of mad dog 20/20
and writing love letters in the form of haiku
on the back of postcards to my girl up north.


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