Fleeting Beauty

by Mike Jewett

smoking lips

Smoke’s beauty is fleeting
Her breath visible, sexy, white
Diffused into nothing


One thought on “Fleeting Beauty

  1. Smoke’s beauty is deceiving, her breath carcinogenic; her nails, coffin-sized.   the great centipede crawls to the sun and is destroyed   leaves run like little fools across the busy highway   a busy afternoon: clouds move in shadows lengthen   the dance of a leaf on a breeze– Nijinsky in the spotlight of the sun   :::sheep:::   :no:   {lose the moustache}   (pssss!)   |\ stand up!/| !Behave! “”* fleas   she was UU but after the operation uu   Wayne F. Burke’s book of poems WORDS THAT BURN is published by Bareback Press (2013)

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