Case # (dehumanization: from inhuman to human and back again)

by Joseph D. Reich

Dear Mr. R: you are dead…we just wanted to inform you
of your status and state of your existence…we have you
on the record for being dead for some time now…please
do not call us…we will call you if we should need any
further information…thank you for taking the time
out in your busy schedule to meet with us…again as
mentioned above please feel free not to call us back…
we will keep your application on file for a year…in that
infamous proverbial time wheel and virtual quota stack
of ours that we tell candidates we will…but will never refer to
or go back on…to prove you never have and never will exist at all…

Dear Case # am just writing you to inform you
in fact i am not dead and very much alive
and have been alive and kicking for some
time now…and am a survivor…whether you
like it or not…have had trials & tribulations
& revelations…have had setbacks & flashbacks
…arrested stages of development & even a #
of rebirths…have rolled with the punches and
if i see you in public they’ll be two sounds…
me hitting you and you hitting the ground…

Dear Mr. R: we have you on the record
for being dead and will keep your
record on file for the next year…

Dear Case # for the actual record i fucked
your mother and fucked your wife up the ass
last night…and were not particularly impressed
by the experience…for your information were frigid
…tight and uptight…and left me high and dry…so tried
them again on for size and ended up exhibiting the exact
same effect…please get back to me about the nature
of my status at your most earliest convenience…

Dear Mr. R: i just consulted our front office manager
about your status and wanted to inform you…you are
now permanently deleted from the record and back
in our system and may be considered as a viable
candidate for a future manager position…
please tell us if you are interested?

Dear Case #…wanted to thank you so much for your insight
and feedback and follow-up (for your wife and your mother)
and look forward in meeting with you in the near future…

Dear Mr. R: the feeling is mutual and look forward to
having you be a positive and productive contributing
member of our family and team…here at…we value

Dear Case # thank you for your patience and understanding…
(for your maddening reality having the inability to listen to a thing)

Dear Mr. R: if should happen to have any available free time…
would very much appreciate if could provide us some feedback
and insight about your experience…and if you could please get
back to us asap to fill out a quick customer satisfaction survey
so as we may know how we can better serve and assist you
in the future…if not please feed back into the loop-cycle
repeat process and protocol and routine and ritual over
& over & over & over again to prove or not to prove…

Dear Case # have you received any of my e-mails?


Mr. R: dozes off in easy chair cold as a motherfucker
to the spring cleaning expert on the weather channel…

Case # makes a name for itself…

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