A Common Cold

by Zipporah Stankovich

I am coming down with the flu,
legs weak, knees breaking
under the weight of my body
skin and bones, skin and bones
meat on my hips and under my chin,
you can’t walk straight down my nose
(bumps and curves make you trip)

I’m ugly, ugly, ugly
skinny, rotting, and fat
can’t stop eating, can’t stop drinking
will stop smoking (for you)
pop pills, pop candy
go to bed, stay awake

3 in the morning, fall asleep
4 in the morning, talk to myself
5 in the afternoon, tired and alone

don’t ask me, don’t stare
I’m fine and I’m happy and I’m not hungry

walk the dog, get walked by the dog
chase the dog down the street
(hope it gets hit by a car)
love my family, love my friends
keep the light off when opening the window
drink milk twice a day

it never ends

it never ends

I never die


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