by Zipporah Stankovich

You were two people
Harry and Ted
(and sometimes Ian)
and I always thought
I wasn’t enough for all three

I stared you down
day after day
while your eyes focused
on Beowulf and
that troubled girl
drawing flowers beside you

You wrote a story
about the courage
that I never showed
but you somehow saw
and I told you I loved you
but you knew it was me

Then we kissed in the snow
after you rambled on
about dwarves and secrets
of the trees,
of the bench we sat on,
of a non-existent world

I said yes and then no
and then yes again
and you waited 15 days
and 15 nights
until I made up my mind
and you didn’t care
that I didn’t know
if I was yours or his
because you knew

“You’re mine” you said
and walked off
faster than the train
left me stuck in time
stuck in love
and already missing you

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