The Psychodynamics Behind Certain Traits & Characteristics: Phenomenons

by Joseph D. Reich


I don’t know how much I necessarily believe
that people for all intents and purposes or even
by nature, are self-destructive, but think it’s
something far deeper and shallow, based on
a consistent psychological history of a constant
inundating of an overwhelming (and overbearing)
amount of emotional and spiritual abuse and damage
with tormenting patterns which get repeated
over and over (similar to those for example
who experience a similar amount of trauma
and feel in constant conflict, cheated, taken
advantage, or pervasive feeling of low-lying
depression, clinically stated, of dysthymia
which plays itself out in self-loathing and
have no choice but to act-out or to fulfill
that ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ in order
just to assert their identity)


These self-destructive patterns and tendencies
may even become something hardwired
characterologically or behaviorally, a
certain sort of acting-out on the self
(when the fragile ego and identity
has been so inundated and profoundly
stripped and torn-apart, and eventually
literally feel ‘got no choice’ but to take
it out on themselves) caught in the literal
Hamlet Dilemma (stagnant, brooding,
pensive) caught in the ‘fight or flee’
psychological phenomena and turn
inwards towards isolating and self-
deprivation (for necessary instinctive
primal purposes and needs of coping
and survival mechanisms) which can
only eventually, realistically, in the long-run,
emotionally and psychologically, take them
so far until all you got left is ‘self-destructive’


For those who have suffered years of emotional
and spiritual abuse and neglect (tormented by
sleazy manipulation and treated like a possession
having their identity and ego stripped from them)
it comes really as no surprise and something of
a perverse psychological phenomena as well
as lifelong reality to feel like they’re always
on-the-run (watching thier backs in a state
of constant paranoia and on the defensive)
while strangely enough paradoxically like
wanting to swim back to the shores
of Alcatraz in the hopes to feel
(a part of and redeem and
restore) and feel more
safe and secure


The metaphor for those abuse victims
who always whether aware of it or not
go back to those similar and selfsame
abusive situations swimming back to
shore and prison out of a self-loathing
and a self-fulfilling prophecy (as if they
deserve it and don’t know any different)
in the idealized hopes and wish to try
and be rescued able to connect with
the confines and containment of that
existence (and the core configuration
of that experience which has now been
hollowed-out in their long term psyche
and consciousness) and other like-minded
prisoners (able to relate to) who may
have too had similar like experiences


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