by Thapelo Mahlatsi

My inadequate feelings
At your inadequate manners
Positioned like an inadequate scar

Yes you were reclaimed
Love at first sight
You got nothing at hello
You got me at hello
My hunk
My beautiful Benjamin
My hello that clitoris spotter
My nongoloza wena lehakoe
La pelo yaka

While apartheid reigned
In our relationship
As you had to provide
A dompass to pass
Our union of boy and boy
Was to be a secret
A romantic boy and boy secret

The revelation of my true feelings
During one of our sexual escapades
Sent you running
Literally running
Yes my Benjamin
You ran
When ridiculed
By your boys at our
Boy and boy union
You ran
You succumbed to stigma
Allowed the world to choose for you
The candle I lit for your safe return
To my arms burned out
As my patients burned out

Thank you for taking part
For stopping by
But my next Valentine
My next Benjamin
Smells good!!!
A single father of two
With a red car
I want better
I need better
I deserve better
Gaynation we deserve more.

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