What Adventures Does your future hold? 575

by Brooke McLain

A new place. Cold. Wet
Where to put my hair products.
Bathroom with six girls.

In the next minute,
A bountiful feast for kings.
One hour unknown.

Graduation. College.
Job. Marriage. Who knows when or how.
Come What May—Love it.

The nameless loom a-
Head. I can travel the earth a-
Round. World, here I come.

The love of my life.
My future is mine alone. Yes!
I plan to have fun.

I will follow these
Trail back to my roots over
Sea to find me.

A fortune cookie,
Finally truthful. Follow
Its advice, fate reigns.

The adventure of
Life. Lived to its fullest so
Death is an old friend.

In offing, I be great.
Single-celled organisms I
Will conquer, create cures.

Seeing my friend Ben,
Gazing at my Mona Lisa,
Taking gondola rides.

Growing up, Making
Mistakes, learning from them, A-
Adulthood; Adventure.

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