Prussian Blue

by Mike Jewett

Cheer for the Texas girl-
such a pretty smile, silky
             blonde hair

Proudly soaked in leopard
blood. So pretty,
             carrying the

Limp, crimson cat in
camo. Black and white
             and dead

All over- the zebra. A massive
African lion, noble mane
             gathering flies,

Decorated by gleaming
pearly whites:
             Jill the Knife.

Grey hippo
-potamus bulk roasting,
             sunny side up,

White rhinos, critically
endangered, slaughtered by a
             19 year old

Gunning for a reality show.
Paid in full, the hunts
             justified by

Name-checking Teddy
Roosevelt. Conservation
             vs. consternation.

Elephants felled, trees
bulldozed from preserves.
             Cheer for her.

She sits on a
soft, warm,

Lion. Lifeless eyes. Closed.
A clean, well-lighted

The pride in her face,
crossbow at ease
             held by tanned

Arms. She’ll wear
a coat of lion fur
             and fashion

A crown of ivory tusks;
she won’t have to
             smuggle them across borders-

Her beauty
bests the beauty
             of the grave.

Her .416 Remington
helped to bag
             a critically

Endangered white
rhino, which she
             stands behind,

And on, one leg up
on its skin. Targets

Helping feed the natives.
Villagers chopping
             and hacking

A dead elephant into
bloody pulp. She
             records it,

Posts it on Facebook,
smiles, all
             Prussian blue smiles.

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