things i found in my pocket

by Mike Jewett

an orange bottle:
a caffeine pill,
and omeprazole
a pack of camels
15 left, one upsidedown-
the lucky
a wrinkled handkerchief
sixty bucks:
three twenties, crisp
their serial numbers:
a red and black sandisk thumb drive
a turquoise skull bead
8 dimes,
15 nickels,
and 35 pennies,
including one canadian penny
and one plastic toy penny
a wallet that’s falling apart
stuffed with old expired cards
and wrinkling photos of alex and logan
my mbta charlie card
a boston university building entry card
a business card for a beatles cover band named studio two
nail clippers
two sets of keys:
the bedroom door key
and my main set of keys
which has a churchkey
a clay world poker tour chip
two lighters:
one green bic
and one zippo, out of fluid
a bic zebra gel pen
my very sharp buck pocket knife
two receipts:
mass turnpike toll receipt
uburger receipt
a flier on green paper
            from joshua mehigan’s poetry reading
            at the grolier poetry book shop

This poem is inspired by, and a sort of response to, gellythepoet’s things i found in my bag.

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