by Mike Jewett

Plumes of smoke, not
unlike chimneys
in winter,
in Kiev

mixing with grey skies;
Bob Ross getting just the right
amount of whites, blacks,

Rebel: “We have just shot down a plane.”

In painting, you have unlimited power.
You have the ability to move mountains.
You can bend rivers.

Boeing 777-200
passenger plane-

298 people,

33,000 feet,

hit by a missile
fired from a Buk launcher.

Downed near
Shakhtersk Donetsk oblast.

Headphones, computers
scattered through a
sunflower field.

Elsewhere, a Dutch
lay open.

Agony City“.

Burning wreckage.
Bodies on the ground.

Lots of corpses
of women and

The rebels take over,
the scene.

Mobile phones,

to be found.

“Bodies fell
from the sky,
looking like
clumps of ash.”

Crows of Moscow fly
over Ukraineʼs steppes
in V formation, like geese;
strike two Ukrainian Sukhoi-25 jets,
then land near a road
diamond. Drink from
a stream, caw
Scatter into the
few nearby treetops.

Trees cover up
a multitude

of sins.

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