The Derivation Of The Expression “there are plenty of fish…”

by Joseph D. Reich

Do guys still have affairs
with operators & western
union girls & stewardesses
i remember i almost did
after fleeing on a ferry
to sicily after a really
bad breakup with
a borderline girl
from riverdale, ny
returning back
from naples
looking all
& handsome
(the result of
starving for adventure)
in my fresh rumpled-up
linen suit i had purchased
right off le promenade d’anglais
& turns out she was staying
at the howard johnson’s
in new york city
knew exactly where
that was in hell’s kitchen
from days hustling a taxi
graveyard shift in nyc
& when i told her my
number which was
my mom’s temporarily
literally for like a week
before i moved in with
a buddy in the washington
heights section while receiving
my masters in social work
at yeshiva university
she didn’t believe
me & she right on
the spot all of a sudden
had second thoughts & thought
how damn sleazy & vulgar was
the notion & concept of sex
& romance & love as that
year at yeshiva did meet
my betrothed girl i was gonna
marry for better or for worse
far better looking & younger
with a better sense of humor
ironically still living with her mother


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