Starring Bob Crane, Vanessa Redgrave Adrienne Barbeau And Glen Campbell

by Joseph D. Reich

Today on this very gloomy sunday
i introduced dylan to the love boat
taught him the whole theme
and concept and how every
week a new group of pass-
engers would come on
with their different issues
and conflicts and problems
and how the show goes back
and forth between them with
captain merrill steubing and
the doctor and isaac the
bartender and gopher
who did odd jobs and
julie the cruise director
and he asked me how
many seasons were
there and said good
question and didn’t
know exactly and
said probably about
four or five and asked
me what happened on
the last episode i mean
did the ship sink and all
and i chuckled and all
i said was no i don’t
think so i don’t think
the ship sank and then
asked me what happened
after the last show was over
and didn’t quite get what he
was getting at then realized
he was asking a very cute
innocent and deep question
meaning did the ship continue
to sail on after the last episode
and told him yeah it probably did
and thought about this image and
could anything be better with these
ridiculous passengers and merrill steubing
and julie the cruise director and the doctor
and isaac and gopher with their laugh track
and unfunny punchlines heading off to the horizon


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