The Truth (and proofs) Of The Self-Soothing Quality Of Parallelograms In Alphabetical Order

by Joseph D. Reich


I want my wife to finally stab me
whether she kills me or not
as just bought these brand
new t-shirts at walmart
and trust me the sight
and stain of gushing
blood would be a
real pick me up
and help me
(to function
and focus)
eric b erickson
the famous psychologist
talks in his stages of human
growth & development how at
the end of each stage through
necessary and nihilistic crises
allows you to move to your next.
i want my wife to stab me and get
it over with already right into those
brand new t-shirts i got at walmart


Remember when that
anatomical mr. biology
dude showed up to my
school like once a year
parading fake skeleton
flesh and bones up and
down the stage as if
trying to teach us
something deep
and meaningful
about the human
body or anatomy
or phases of human
growth & development
but still in retrospect
couldn’t manage to
keep my wise ass
figure out of detention
(as if due to something
pretty hardwired
and damaged)
on a daily


It was at the disco
where we thought
we would disco
ver it all in
many ways
we did in
many ways
no but just
the fact
we got
out there
and mixed
with every
race and
to help
us to
it all
in it
the world


Why in amerika these days
everything seems to be
about bringing your
k-9s & swat team
but always seem
to show up
to the crime
scene just
a little too late
and look great
in their uniforms
& their pose &
that’s why i so
much more prefer
going to the metro
& airports in paris
& sicily & israel
used to spend
days getting lost
on the subways
& ferries as that
in itself felt like
an eskape
& culture
& gratifying
& o the sicilian
& israeli ladies!
the parisiennes!


Who was that again declared–
“here i come to save the day!”
as am still patiently waiting


People pass absurd and shallow judgment(s)
based on the routines and rituals of their psychological
subjugation and brainwash from cultural mores and customs


What if all the witnesses
are just a bunch of thieves
and criminals like the congregants
of the cathedral, like those know-it-all
assholes on your local cable looking like
sober dope addicts nodding out on nepotism?


Feeling constantly misunderstood and underestimated
is more than kafkaesque; it’s the opposite of descarte’s–
“i think therefore i am” and that no one exists in the world
never have, never will…would a freudian slip of the tongue
around those you love count for something apropros?


Sounding out your sadness (and sanity)
the lexicon of lex luther and kryptonite
of superman waking up every morning
worrying and wondering about your
worrying and wondering why you
are getting punished for a crime
they still won’t tell you of
like franz kafka stuck
on the fence between
fate and coincidence


My wife with suicide thoughts
grinds herself up and washes
herself down with her
morning breakfast


My good looking kid meets his first love
who is a gorgeous rough & tough tomboy
where they wrestle on the lawn and then
when they’re over decides to plant a kiss
on his cheek while they’re looking up
at the stars in the early evening


My wife renews his roald dahl
& judy blume from the local library
from that young lady in her new england
print sundress who has hostility towards
men & has never once crossed her mind
to explore the pleasures of masturbation


You sit solitary in the children’s section
simply watching the rain pour past
the portholes of old victorians set
back in the mist of mountains


It was always dusks
and that exact space
and moment in time
somewhere between
twilight and evening
and the vanishing
light and holy night
which allowed me
(the instinct and
freedom) to dream
about my future…


I’ve recently felt comforted
by the image of being buried
side by side by jimmy hoffa’s body

My wife told me tonight
she was gonna stick a
big pill in my egg roll…


People always mistake
me for a criminal
(without proof
or evidence)
not knowing
a single thing
about me



And that to
me is a sin and
literal definition
of the theater
of the absurd
and cruise


[like a proof
without the
or punch
line with
out the

as all you
got left
is leo
at the top
of his lungs

quick & clever
cause he’s got
no other choice
“over the river
and i’ll see
you in the


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