Of Long-Necked Waters

by Mike Jewett

At Black Point,
a scenic overlook
not far from the Blue
Blaze Trails, rests a
two-tombstone graveyard:
one large stone, one tiny;
rough, notched posts
fencing them in.
The woods’ floor dances
with browns, greens,
& strewn pine needles.
Red eft & a small oak
with many wasp galls.
A tiny twig sticks
to the newt’s body,
too sleepy-eyed to notice.
The wasp galls
decorate the Irish-
green oak leaves,
mud baubles for insect
Christmas. You expect
to hear them jingle
when wind flits through.
Niantic peoples once
roamed these grounds.
Meditate, in silence, and you
may just feel their presence.


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