A Psychological Essay On That Awful Period

by Joseph D. Reich

Wouldn’t it just be so nice and refreshing (and validating…)
if just once, once, Bush said–“I think it was a real mistake
to get us involved in Iraq and Afghanistan” and apologizes
to the American people as well as all the innocent victims
in those regions, but I guess from a psychological and
behavioral point of view those are the ‘types’ of people
who never ever once (in their poor and pathetic lives)
ever admit they are wrong (god forbid) and will live
an ‘absurd’ existence of pure (and impure denial)
even go so far as in the short-term and long-run
to become compulsive liars and criminals. It is
important to view this horrible and ridiculous and
tragic period of American history not just simplistically
from a political point of view, but from a psychological
model of a spoiled and privileged and entitled child
with consistent, characterological patterns of poor
impulses and insight and judgment, just trying to
please and get approval from his archetypal heroic father
(figure and turned delusional) while he and his advisors
from the structure and configuration of a dysfunctional
family unit with scapegoats and manipulators and provocateurs
and past histories and those who aligned with who and those
who got bullied and alienated and broken lines (and fine lines)
of communication with its collective distorted thought pattern
developing interestingly into delusions of conspiracy and grandeur
moving on to con the American people and con the con/stituents
and con the con/gress and everyone and everything which got
brought down in the long run by this scumbag “son of a gun”


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