Sitting Shiva

by Joseph D. Reich

My kid this morning showed up
from his room with a popsicle stick
with writing on it and said–“daddy
i just couldn’t tell you so i had
to write it” and asked–
“dylan please tell me”
and he flipped it over
and it simply read
“they shot archie!”
as apparently
the motherfucken
losers and cowards
of the day the only
way they could think of
ending it all for the last
and final comic book
was to kill off archie
from archie comics
someone we grew up
with and forever embedded
in our imagination and consciousness
and that’s all they could come up with
like what the fuck? have him whacked
or ended or get caught in the crossfire
and used to really like that section of
the bronx in riverdale and where i used
to date a lot of cute and crazy jewish
girls and met my betrothed and whose
experience would not trade for all
the tea in china or rugelach at
gruenebaum’s and mothers
and suppose nothing like
betty or vernonica but
really not terrribly far


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