by Gonzalinho da Costa

Work springs from bed, time ringing,
Switches off alarm, not clock, world,
Ticking, spinning, running, rushing—
Undresses, showers, splashes—

Sun, birds, window—towels, fluffy, dry—
Dresses, belt, tie, mirror, brushes hair,
Bounds for eggs, ham, coffee—
Brushes teeth, brushes hair again,

Hops in car, drives, slows down, traffic—
Rain, wipers, left, right, metronome—
Signals, turns, parks, jumps out—at last!—
Guard, elevator button, fourth floor,

Hello, good morning, sits down, breathless,
Switches on computer, types—tik, tak,
—gets up, coffee maker—almost
No one here, checks calendar—holiday.


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