one for the summer

by Anggo Genorga

we were standing on
a shoulder deep waters
barefooted and bodies
holding on to each other
blue waters with little fishes
swimming in circles
corals and sea shells
and the whitest sands
one could ever see all
underneath our feet; kids
playing with their volleyballs
and toyboats and their folks
calling out on them to eat
their breakfast first under
that lovely morning sun
shining above…
it was summer and
we were invited for this
gathering for a weekend
prayer meeting on a beach.
my girlfriend then was a
born-again christian. and
i remember the boy who was
diving near us wearing his
brand new goggles on and
seeing us both half naked
and fucking — poor kid,
i wonder what he made up
about what he saw after that.
i wonder if we ever crossed
his mind over the years like
i think about him now.


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