Coloring Texas

by Melanie Brown

I buy my kids a

coloring book about

Texas, but really i

buy it for myself:

I like to color-


Texas is about

mad steers,

riding rockets

to the moon,

racing armadillos

while forcing them to

wear ridiculous

cowboy outfits,

and killing Kennedy,

I break out the crayons

which are on sale for

fifty cents a box

this time of year,

I pick out my primary colors,

I color the Alamo bright green,

the astronaut a stunning red,

the Tornado I color a

bright blue,

I wonder why the kids in

the middle of the page are

smiling, a tornado is

no laughing matter,

it’s downright scary as

a matter of fact!

I hope that if I’m ever

sucked up into the

eye of a tornado I can smile

and laugh like the two

kids depicted in this coloring book,

I save the sixth floor

museum page for last,

again, the kids are smiling

and pointing to the

infamous window

where Oswald crouched

on that fateful November day,

I don’t know what color to

use, I might write the

illustrator of the book

and ask,

Coloring Texas is a big job,

and I can use all the help

I can get


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