End of Summer

by James W. Spain, II

Every summer must come to an end
just as every story ever told,

sometimes the conclusion can be bittersweet
or sometimes the story gets old.

The air cools gently and the trees
start to show their true colors towards fall,

life seems to become a bit livelier,
with the anticipation of the seasons we recall.

Perhaps the long hot days of summer
are forgotten quickly once again this year,

and the memories of all the adventures,
mist our eyes and cause us to tear.

Or perhaps the fond memories
that we created during each long hot week,

will join us as we approach winter
and with desire of the warmth we will speak.

Regardless of the change of this season,
it does happen to us every year,

it is with some mixed emotion,
as we think of winter when days won’t be so clear.


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