Sex Coffee

by Melanie Brown

I am reading

celebrity gossip,

apparently someone

hacked into Jennifer

Lawrence’s phone,

and now there are

nude photos of her

on the web, But I get

bored and return to

“mommy” blogs,

there are so many to

choose from,

“snarky mom,”

“green mom,”

“crafty mom,”

I read about how

to pack “cute & healthy”

lunches, which don’t include

things like Cheetos,

or anything eatable really,

how “trying”

school picture day is,

I close my eyes and

dream of my kids

eating broccoli,

sweet knick-knacks

adorning my walls,

a school picture day

where the pictures turn

out fantastic with

no goofy expressions at all,

all of these posts have

tons of comments,

everyone can relate to

these mommy challenges,

but what really grabs my

attention is the “sex coffee”

post, made with cinnamon,

honey, coconut, and maca,

the mommy blogger tells

her followers to “sex” it up,

but sadly, this post

has no comments.


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