A Letter To Obama

by Joseph D. Reich

I don’t know but i really do like you and the job you are doing
and the job you’ve done as have felt something like job or jesus
having to keep your wits about you and faith and sanity and
self-preservation fighting all the devils and for that should win
a nobel and somehow managing to keep your marriage afloat.
So barack here is my resolution for all of those wars half way
across the world, and know this sounds awfully simplistic
(and please do feel free to steal just a little or as much as
you choose from this basic idea and concept and configuration)
as thus if in fact we really do consider ourselves to be in the po-
sition whereas we feel obligated to police other nations then why
not really actually follow through with it in practice from the point
of view and perspective of this idealistic as well as practical belief
system and play the role, and for the first time ever actually serve
and protect and for the very brief interim enter into these conflicted
regions of iraq and syria and rescue every poor soul, the infirmed
and old and every man, woman, and child, or every individual who
does not find themselves embroiled in this barbaric battle and just
for the very short while, go in there and literally get all of them out
and leave the rest of the fighting to all those involved in the struggle
then reserve a certain part of the desert and land like those tribes
of bedouins and set up camp for all of this displaced population
and give them a place to thrive and function, while we actually
provide them the proper protection and once the victor has been
determined we can then decide and figure out from a more intelligent
and intellectual and intuitive perspective with a joint commission
and them having the final say with a sense of self-determination

If the only apparent inevitable solution is to have it divided
into separate nations of sunni and shia well then so be it…


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