Boom Boom Lil

by Catfish McDaris

She was a
wild piece
of ass, she
said, “Just
take your
goddamn blue
pill and fuck
me like a horse”

“I know you
love me like
a motherfucker,
just shut the
fuck up, Lil
I need to con-
centrate and
pretend you’re
someone else”

In about fifteen
minutes a magic
boner arrived,
I worked her from
the front, then
side saddle, I flipped
her over like a dog

I was doing her
right, she started
screaming, then
crowing rooster
style, I said, ”What
the fuck, Lil are you
going chicken on me”

“Nah, when Daddy
went to kill a chicken
for supper, he always
fucked them first to
tenderize them” “Well
I guess there’s nothing
wrong with that” I left
faster than the Flash
with a bad case of ath-
elete’s foot and syphilis.

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