by Yomi Habib

Blood!Blood!Flows like rivers,
human beings slaughtered like chicken,
Dead coffins keep dancing on the street
They killed our mothers and and raped our girls giving them bastards;
Rwanda is where the clock of the sun was turned upside down,
smoking killers at gunpoint stole our diamonds,
the devil in their mind killed our tomorow,
They made us look like ants
In their cowardly act, they cleansed the Hutu’s,
they broke our backs and brainwashed our soul
where the bones cannot rise again
Ten million dead in genocide
where the bones cannot rise again
Unbreakable is our name and love is the chain the binds us together
Goodbye to the shores of the smelling refugees,
hunger was our brother and rags were our clothes,
sorry was not in their dictionary
and so the war ended in a stage of absurd,
but the secret of our tears cannot be forgotten,
that our heroism is the language that cannot be sold.


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