My Mouth

by Mike Jewett

I want my name in every mouth.
I want my mouth to cope
with fire ants

Chewing on antipodal
lobes. I want
a paradigm

Shift away from postmodernism. I
want metamodernism.
Your mouth

Speaks of paradigmatic
sea-changes. Your

Hollows out with Gothic Marxism.
Mouths with plagiarism,
fire ants,

Sociorevolutionary mouths
speaking socioironic

Tongues gliding over gleaming teeth intoning
sociolibidinous censorship. I
want my mouth

Censored by the names of every censor,
multitude, aristocracy,
and fire ant.


One thought on “My Mouth

  1. Wow, I had to grab my dictionary&Google few words…learned a new word though ‘sociolibidinous’…interesting context!♥jjf

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