by Claudia Lee

I do not know enough words
to describe Paradise
Glorious in its hot white light
Magnificent in its view of toppling oceans
Beautiful in the way it carries itself
Lovely with the wind blowing
and palm trees swaying
Exquisite with its exotic fruit and seafood
The sand white,
the ocean blue
The way the sun shines warmth on my face
All troubles are left behind
Extraordinary in the colors of sunset
Aesthetic with Diamond Head and sea clashing
Like my own little Jerusalem
I’ve never seen salt water this teal
Enchanting with its night fires
and distant sounds of luaus
Perfect with the Pacific stars watching over me
Watching over us
Ornate with its city rain and trails of palm trees
Captivating with endless summer
Good vibrations of the rumbling sea
and engines of red cars at stop lights
Salt in my hair
Skin caressed by the Hawaiian god almighty Sun


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