First Fastfood Heartbreak

by Sarah Frances Moran

The first time I put the savory goodness
of one of your sandwiches in my mouth
was 9th grade…
Amongst the teen angst
The worry over seating and the feel of frightening newness
was your simple stand and your simple…mouth-watering… $2 sandwich.
The savior from the lunch tray line..
The answer to all my lunch-time prayers…

I was in love

Relishing in the greatness
of your crispy chicken, tart pickle and buttery bread

When I sunk my teeth in the first time
I never knew that within two years I’d realize my gayness
and within
two decades
you chicken sandwich gods
break. my. heart.

I drive by you daily

and with sadness I pass
never turning in
never allowing myself the pleasure of that greatness

A simple reminder
that all good things can be tarnished
by small idiotic ideology
Things as simple as sandwiches.

Chick-Fil-A… makers of mighty chicken sandwiches
Haters of homosexuals…
Breakers of hearts…

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