by Sarah Frances Moran

So she’s blind… ashamed… hiding every
pain broadcasted
through the speakerbox
that was me
and I’m now equally silent
I’m jaded
A dot at the end of the apology
You can’t bring yourself to give

Affection starved
and dirty
we’re all at the sidelines as
my emotional holocaust…. ruptures

Apathetic and helpless
A cringe
A stomach pain
with every brush of the lips
every witnessed attempted love
every forced… “i need you…”

On my journey from fear
you are the wolf chasing me down

You’re the eyes of the storm that
chaos has conjured

You’re the devil in a godless world

But I am the power
in a broken heart
marinating in my sorrow and hatred

the center of the quake
fermenting til perfection
waiting patiently
to eradicate you

Who are you
in the depths of my mind
where angels are fantasy
and god is dead

Who are you
that relinquishes my fears
and lifts my depression
my deep down emotional recession

who are you
in the morning of my waking
soothing the storm that brews within me
while I sleep

who are you….
where there is only silence.

who are you
where there is nothing but chaos

where were you when I arrived
so ready to be received
and appreciated

Epitomizing my cravings
and then some.
Making love heaven-like
and beautiful

my favorite flavor of understanding
my wet dream
come true
with every squirm
underneath hands so delicate and willing
to unveil a horror
most would shy away from

and where are you now…
that your calm is one with mine

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