Your Nicotine

by Sarah Frances Moran

I can envision
your puff puff pass…
I can see the heaviness in your eyes
and the way you lay your head back,
neck exposed;
you’re ready for the blaze.
Let me run my tongue along the plains of your pulse
while the fire erupts and the smoke engulfs your forests,
Fantasize about the way
it wraps and encases your exhale.
Lips pursed and the suck,
the breath and the milky cloud of madness
floating away.

Imagine how it would feel
to be inhaled by you
to engulf your lungs and ease your mind
to create your quiet calm.

I want to curl around you
the way that mist does.
Consume the breath you breathe
and fill you up with the fumes of my own, exhale.

Wrap your lips around me
like you do that butt
and experience my slow burn.

Become addicted, to me.

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