by Diana Whitney

Voluptuous June unbuttons her petticoat
shakes out her tresses, rains velvet petals
on besotted grass. You stumble and fall

through the open doorway. Cross the threshold
of late afternoon, creamy locust blossoms
like mythic grapes suspended in half-light,

nourished in shadow, the sun and its twin
never separate for long. You slip and fall
through June’s open doorway, her bodice

unlaced, her skirts disheveled, clouds of pollen
wreathing her hair. Your hands are everywhere
the light is. She softens like pasture

under your touch. Three horses wade in a river
of buttercups: two white geldings, one dark mare,
hides slicked down in fragrant rain, munching

stems and golden flowers, cherishing the space
around their bodies, aware of their parallel, ceaseless
appetites, how generous June can satisfy all.

The bred cow slowly tongues the salt-lick, patient,
steady, savoring minerals, her whole body craving
what she lacks: iron, sodium, phosphorous, zinc.

How seamlessly June builds bone and tissue.
She loosens her girdle and peonies open, nebulas
of pollen in ambrosial silks, singles, doubles, pinks

and scarlets, armloads of peonies hallowed by rain.
You slip through the open doorway again
where the stream in the hollow is rushing,

laughing. Water moves over stones and our hands
are the stones and our words are the water
tumbling stones. You murmur

songs in a forgotten tongue, stroke the hidden
star at the center of the apple,
all the old resolutions undone.


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