Huffington Post Blogger and Author of Wanting It Reads at Grolier Poetry Bookstore at An Evening of Harbor Mountain Poets

Ranked #1 Poetry Bestseller at Small Press Distribution last fall, Diana Whitney’s debut Wanting It, has been luring readers into its lyrical exploration of love and desire.  Wanting It tells a story of self-discovery through loss and longing, confessing secrets and weaving lush language with a passion for the natural world.  Join VPR Commentator, well-known syndicated columnist, author, and Huffington Post Blogger Diana Whitney for “An Evening of Harbor Mountain Poets: A Poetry Reading with Partridge Boswell, Alice B. Foley, and Peter Money.”  Whitney will be a part of this prize-winning line-up on Friday, March 6, at 7 p.m. at Grolier Poetry Bookstore on 6 Plympton Street in Cambridge, MA.

Whitney’s debut has already enjoyed strong reviews from award-winning poets.  Major Jackson calls her poems “ancient secrets,” and Vermont Poet Laureate Sydney Lea writes:

Readers will scarcely miss the erotic element in Diana Whitney’s saucily entitled and brilliant book… Her hungry heart and eye invade her entire universe to such an extent that, if it did not exist, we should have to invent the adjective charged. These poems virtually leap at us from the page. What a debut!”

Most recently, the Huffington Post ranked Wanting It number one on their Girlfriend’s Guide to Book-Giving:

”Oxford scholar Diana Whitney’s gorgeous collection on the power of desire is the pillow talk poetry book.  Wanting It hit the Indie bestseller list this fall and continues to scratch that erotic itch for readers who love honest, beautiful language with an edgy, literary twist.” – The Huffington Post

Whitney has been taking Wanting It on a national Book Tour, including stops at Dartmouth College, the Brattleboro Literary Festival, the Burlington Book Festival, the Pen Parentis Literary Salon in Manhattan, the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, the New England Review, Litquake and Green Apple Books in San Francisco, CA, and the Pacific Standard in Brooklyn, NY.    Don’t miss Diana’s latest appearance coming up on Friday, March 6, 7 p.m. at the Grolier Poetry Bookstore on 6 Plympton Street in Cambridge, MA. Check out the rest of her appearances at:


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