I Left You At The Shore

by Cathy Windham

The last wave I saw
curled a little at the edges.
It was dark gray
with a white beard.
Old man of the sea.

He was angry today.
Growling and throwing
punches that carved
at the banks.
I walked along holding

my jacket close as the wind
blew at my back
and sent sheets of sand
ahead of my feet.
The water was cold

and tiny bubbles burst
when they hit the sand.
Looking ahead
I saw a brave gull.
He flew an erratic path

until meeting with another
among the sea oat curtain.
Why I was there
can’t be answered.
I was looking for

my footprints from before.
I saw a small one
and remembered when
my child scampered
this beach.

I saw a car tread
and remembered
innocent lovers watching
the sunset from the front
seat. My bicycle used

to roll on the packed sand
and take me further
than I cared to stroll.
Was it yesterday that
you smelled like suntan

lotion and salt?
I strolled along the sand
that has belonged to this haven
since God created it.
My feet carry away

specks of grit that cling
to my toes.
Some are carried inside
and find their way
into my shoes.

Each grain a memory
of where I have traveled.
I will return when seas are calm
and waves are clear.
You will still be there.


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